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Corporate Responsibility

The measure of an enterprise or institution is not what it says about itself, but what others  say about it, and whether or not they choose to affiliate with it as employees, as clients, as investors, as neighbours, as fellow global citizens. We at Caribcash believe that we have a social responsibility, and moral obligation to help others when possible, understanding the need to go beyond the interest of our company to the communities which we humbly serve. Our commitment to the enhancement of education is resolute, as we make continuous investment in the lives of those who will one day lead.

Throughout the region in our numerous Fastcash branches, we proudly contribute to the communities in which we operate. Our assistance has come in the form of sponsorship of students, schools, local sports teams, medical aid to hospitals, and even the initiative to have a home built and furnished, through governmental and other local business partnerships. We encourage our staff and management to partake in local leadership activities and encourage employee driven initiatives, to help improve their respective communities. Caribcash has most recently initiated a ‘Going Green’ campaign, which enables clients and prospective employees to complete job and loan applications online, thus reducing the need for paper, as our conservation effort to preserve the tropical paradises we lovingly call home. It is our hope that through our efforts others too will latch on, and play their part to helping others in a socially responsible manner

  • Business has a responsibility to give back to the community
  • Saving the planet is everyone’s business
  • Today we’re creating the world we dream of having tomorrow
  • Invest in lives of those to whom the future is entrusted