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Welcome to Caribcash

Caribcash is a regional financial institution dedicated to providing high quality and innovative macro and micro financial solutions to under-served financial markets. We understand the workings of our customers’ daily lives that’s why we have tailored our loan products to work for you. We are committed to serving our clients with the lowest interest rate in Jamaica and the best payment terms. We offer loans in the quickest time once all requirements are fulfilled. Only 2 hours for consumers and 3 days for Biz Loans! Yes… 3 days!!

Brief History

Initially branded as just FastCash, we were founded in the commonwealth of Dominica in 2004 when the vision was realized by prominent insurance broker and businessman now minister of tourism, Mr. Robert Tonge. FastCash was originally created to provide small cash advances to those who needed quick access to funds to meet their immediate needs. These unsecured advances were to be repaid in installments over a short period of time via automatic salary deduction. As time went by within a 13 year period, we have recognized exponential growth through our winning formula and have since expanded. The FastCash Caribbean group was then created and have since launched operations in 6 other Caribbean states namely Antigua in 2006; Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent in 2007; St. Kitts in 2011 and Barbados in 2014. We've also extended our Vincentian base to now include the Grenadine Islands of Bequia and Canuoan and Nevis sister island to St. Kitts in 2016. As a subsidiary of a FastCash Caribbean the Carib Cash brand has been newly birth in 2016 and now blankets the island of Bermuda and now Jamaica.

What we do?

Ushering in a new era of financing, FastCash Caribbean is a regional financial institution dedicated to providing high quality and innovative of macro and micro financial solutions for underserved financial markets. We consistently aim to provide a typical service while maintaining the highest standard of customer service and fulfilling our function to ensure a positive financial outcome for our clientele.

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